My creation😇


Hey guys. Most of you may know that the hunger games, catching fire is coming out in blue ray and DVD in Walmart on March 7,2014! I am so excited considering I am a hunger games fan. Anyway, I was listening to safe and sound by Taylor swift, one of the songs in the hunger games soundtrack, and thought hey wouldn’t it be nice to have a fun2draw drawing of Primrose Everdeen. So I started drawing. The picture above is how I drew here and pretty press the like button if you like my picture or if you are excited for the hunger games or just love it. If you like it tell me how I did in the comments below and if you like my primrose everdeen drawing be sure to check out the link below of fun2draw’s version of Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire and the mocking jay.

If you like the katniss everdeen tutorial press the like button and comment below about how yours turned out. We will be posting more very soon! Until then keep drawing.

-The Funny Drawers😋

The Funny Drawers voice mail. Please talk after the beep ✨beep✨... Credit goes to fantage chocolate magic

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