Website Updates and 300

Hey guys. Now most of you are probably wondering what happened to this blog? Well here is what happened. 


1.) I changed the theme because in my other one none of my widgets worked. 

2.) I added sub pages so don’t think I deleted all those pages. 

3.) I added new widgets. 

 4.) New background 

Now lets get to the exciting news. We reached 300 hits! Lets shoot for 500! In fact, we are almost to 50 followers! YAY! 

To celebrate these exciting events I have added a new page called Mei Yu’s Summer Cartoons Playlist which features all her videos in her playlist. if you want to see that here is the link below.


This has over 31 fun2draw tutorials. 

That’s it for now. Thanks for visiting and keep drawing!


-The Funny Drawers


The Funny Drawers voice mail. Please talk after the beep ✨beep✨... Credit goes to fantage chocolate magic

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