🐣Summer Softball🐣

Hey guys! So school is about coming to an end for me and that’s mean i will be blogging more? Yay! So first things first, let’s talk Summer. All kids love summer because no school, no tests, no drama, only relaxation. That is not life. Sure at school we get tests and homework, but we enjoy it. Just take a look in memory world. The times you chatted and played either your friends at recess. The you all made a plan to chat or play fantage at home. The time you played baseball, soccer or kickball with your class. Summer is great, but I am really sad school is ending. It’s like taking a pencil away from me for like three months! But I do love summer and one of the reasons is sports. It’s really fun to play sports in the sun and Mei Yu has heard our call for loving sports. Now enjoy this amazing video teaching you hoe to make a fun2draw softball which you can watch right below.

Summer is coking and as you all know is that I will be blogging a lot, but before we had so many followers. Every new post I would have a new follower and that isn’t happening really. Our views are also dropping and so our visitors. It would be a big hand if you would recommend this blog to anyone. That’s is for today. So keep your hands tight for the next fun2draw video which is on Monday. Until then, keep drawing!

-The Funny Drawers

The Funny Drawers voice mail. Please talk after the beep ✨beep✨... Credit goes to fantage chocolate magic

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