Blogging Quitters

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3: Fantage Shines

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Hey guys. Now I have some news for all of you. Fantage Chocolate Owner, I fly solo, has now quit blogging and will not work on this blog or her blog anymore. To view her spots about this please click here.

Now I really didn’t like her post. The blogging world is not for loners. It’s meant for people who want to connect with the world even more. That doesn’t mean you have to be a loner to do blogging. You get to see other peoples interests and you get to connect to the world like no way you have ever seen before. You should never quit blogging. You could stop for a while, but don’t quit, but I think she mad her self quit.

It appears that I haven’t researched about her blog and found out what she really does. According to Fantage Shines she is a copier! I don’t want to offend her in anyway, but I would just like to say that you made yourself quit. You have a great blog that has about 10,000 views. Your not letting down yourself, but your followers. When my views shortened I didn’t give up. I waited and that’s what you should do. You broke your own blogging tips!

So if you are thinking of quitting blogging think about it real hard. You could be loosing the best thing in your life, but just closing the tab forever.
So are you going to quit blogging? Hopefully, you won’t because of this post.

-The Funny Drawers

6 thoughts on “Blogging Quitters

  1. I am too mad at these people to say ‘NOOO DON’T QUIT”,
    because you are letting down your friend. So if you quit, whoever it is, I won’t even lay a finger on the computer. Just bye, if you will quit. I know I sound mean. One of my inspiration’s just quit.


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