Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hey guys! Our blog has achieved another award called the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! This award was nominated to our loyalist follower ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀. Press her user name to view her blog, Imperfect Nights.


Rules to achieve this award:

-Thank and link the person who nominated you.

-List the rules

-Share seven facts about you that aren’t on your Liebster award if you achieved it.

-Nominate 15 other blogs and comment on their posts to let them know that you have nominated them.


With all that said let’s get started.

Seven facts about me!

-My favorite book by John Green is Paper Towns

-The one place I really want to go to in this world is Italy

-I love listening to covers by people like Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui, Macey Kate Band, Christina Grimme and many more.

-I read on Wattpad way to much.

-I started blogging this March

-I check WordPress everday

-I really want to read Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Alright now I want to list the blogs I am nomintating and they are:

The White Crayon-Her poetry is amazing

Fantage Spy

My ~weird~ Art Guide

Girl of Geek

-Imperfect Thoughts

Fantage Treats


Fantage Shines

Fantage District 

Imperfect Thougths-The first one and this one are different

The Fantage Stars

Imperfect Nights


I don’t know anymore blogs so i’m just going to leave it there. If you would like to be nominated please comment and I will simply nominate you.


-The Funny Drawers


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