FIFA Soccer Teen Fiction

Hey guys! Since it’s Thursday Mei Yu has created a new tutorial! This t
Thursday it’s a FIFA soccer ball! The video will be at the top and bottom of this post you for you guy to view. I hope you enjoy!

Now that’s not all for the post. I wanted to tell you boys that I have created three new wattpad stories and one wattpad trailer! To view those they will be right below.

  1. How to Save a life+Trailer.


Press here to view the story.

Genre: Teen Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure

Rating: Pg13.

Description: What if your real identity were a disease? What if you had to take a test to be cured? You had to become a new person who wasn’t you. This was the biggest challenge for Ash Bells.

There was always a worry that couldn’t be cured. You couldn’t lived happily ever after. There were the cured people who lived with “happily” and people named the Identity Thefts who couldn’t be changed. Who could manipulate the system. Ash didn’t know what was coming in her way and only one person could help her. Her best friend, a boy named Ash Bells. Two friends, two fates, one name. Who knew that this test could make her life turn upside down. Read to find out Ash’s journey.


  1. Diary of a Fangirl


Press here to view the story.

Genre: Teen fiction, romance

Rating: Pg13

Description: Stone Adams. Who was she? In the world’s case it thinks that she is a popular girl with shinny hazel hair and blue grey eyes, but that wasn’t even close to who she was.

She was a geeky Fangirl who didn’t have perfect skin. Who wouldn’t wear dresses besides baggy shirts and jeans. Who wouldn’t wear contacts than glasses. Who would wear flip flops than high heels. That was her. More importantly, the person who would rather spend time writing in her diary than shopping.

Writing in her diary was the highlights of her days. She could let all her feelings and thoughts out. She didn’t want the world to now who she was really otherwise she would be doomed. High school was not as easy as doing first grade math. It was a living nightmare where the populars are the murders, trying to destroy you.Stone wrote all her secrets in her diary since it couldn’t be read by anyone, but what happens when the biggest bad boy of the school, Hunter Harrelson, finds and reads her diary? He is that type of person who would spill it to populars to be more popular, but what if he didn’t? What if he helped her blend in with them? Could just a diary destroy someone’s high school years or transform them into something nice? Read to find out.

  1. The Mating Games-Hg Fan Fiction.


Press here to view the story.

Genre: Fan fiction, romance

Rating: Pg13


Cover made by @Letty_Scott Every country has something they were known for, Katniss Everdeen had never seen anything like this. Panem was the country the believed that you soul mate depends on your test result. They called it the Mating Games. Each year 17 year old girls and 18 year old boys take a test to find their life partner. Katniss takes this test and finds her partner to be someone she owed her life for. Peeta Mellark, the ashy blonde hair and blue eyed boy who could get any girl onto his feet, but why is that the test paired them up? She’s stubborn while he’s sweet. They were polar opposites. They both believed that the test was wrong, but what if they really fell in love? Just because of a test their lives could be changed for ever.

That’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial or my stories and if you did please like this post. If you read my stories please tell me your thoughts in the comments below. I will add them to my sidebar very soon. If anyone of you make a wattpad account be sure to follow me at @the_everlark_stars. I’ll follow you back. Thank for visiting!

-The Funny Drawers


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