©About us©

New to this blog? Well you came to the right page. Read on to find out what are blog is about.

Below i’m going to answer some basic questions about the blog.

What is this blog about?

This blog is about the amazing YouTube channel by Mei Yu called Fun2draw. We will  post new tutorials made by Mei Yu so all of you can see them. Our blog is not allowed to be copied. We have done that with googles help and if anyone tries to copy a post or my whole blog Google will report to me immediately.


Who is this blog mainly meant for?

This blog is mainly for drawers like me. If you aren’t that great at drawing it is okay. The tutorials made by here are fun and easy to learn.


Does this blog say bad words? Does this help me learn about blogging?

This blog is a bad word free zone. Any ages can come here is all age appropriate even if you are a seven year old. At this blog we all be very friendly and we have helpers who make this blog amazing. We love to help others and give tips for your blogs too.We are very big on blogging. We have this page called Blogging Tips with lots of information about blogging. From adding widgets to sub pages. We love to help people with their blogs.

Where did the tittle “Fun2draw Stars” come from?

I combined my two favorite things. Fun2draw and the fault in our stars and came out to be Fun2draw Stars.

How often do you post?

We post about once a day. Sometimes even twice.


How do we contact you

By email. (rainbowloomblogs@gmail.com)


When did you first find out about Fun2draw?

I was 9 years old when I first found about it. It was Summer vacation and I typed in something and found it.

What was your first fun2draw drawing?

A Fun2draw koala?

That’s what this blog is about. Thanks for visiting this page and keep exploring the blog.

-The Funny Drawers😋


3 thoughts on “©About us©

  1. Hey Drawers!
    Sorry, I just don’t know your name (real, stage, whatever) xP
    I like your blog here c;
    but can I do a banner like yours?
    I know the book the fault in our stars and It’s from that and Okay? Okay.
    Or something like that
    and Is it okay if I can do one like it?
    I was thinking of doing it before I stumbled on your blog but you had it already so I wanted to ask c:
    so I’m not copying you or when you do find my blog, think I’m copying you.
    I was just wondering cx
    Thanks for your time!
    (Ik this comment is long)


The Funny Drawers voice mail. Please talk after the beep ✨beep✨... Credit goes to fantage chocolate magic

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