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She is a small town girl. He is a boy. Together they made one decision that could change their lives forever. The midnight train. They both became friends..best friends to be exact on that train, but remember the midnight train is for those who dare to go. To find the distance. Who knows what this train ride can do to their lives? Read to find out their amazing journey riding the midnight train.

What if tris didn’t die? What if Tobias did instead? Tris prior lives in a city which is divided into five factions, Abnegation the selfless , Erudite the intelligent , Candor the honest , Amity the peaceful and Dauntless the brave. Tris lives in the dauntless area in the city with her only daughter Katniss who is about to take the aptitude test. Tris hasn’t told Katniss anything about her past leaving her daughter wondering about he word divergent. Who knows what the future holds for Katniss? Read to find out Katniss’s amazing journey.

Middle school. People might be happy going but not Iris Willow. She hated it as much as her step brother Josh. Iris has to survive middle school but how? The populars, the dances, the parties and the pimples are too much to handle. When Iris goes to middle school changes happen. Crushes, dealing with the populars, losing her best friend and worst of all an offer from New York City Books by Kids. .Iris has a choice. Will she choose her future or her middle school ? If she chose her future would Iris be making the wrong decision? Who knows what this middle schooled kid what do. Read to find out Iris’ amazing journey in 7th grade.

The Stars in our Thoughts

Chrissy Grayson was the mad girl who believed in magic and all fiction things. Everyone thought she was crazy and tried to tell her that these things didn’t exist, but she didn’t listen. No one knew who the real Chrissy was until all these things she thought about came true.Wizards and pixie dust now started existing in this world that we live in now. Sure Chrissy was happy that no one thought she was mad, but her adventure still awaited. How did all these things happen? How did her thoughts become a reality? Read to find out Chrissy’s amazing journey with some stars in her thoughts.

The Homework Club. A HG fan fiction.

Mellark brother and sister Chrissy and Alex have been having some trouble with homework lately and like all parents theirs aren’t happy. Like them, the a Odair and Mason family’s kids have been the same. They all they tried to convince their parents, but had no choice. They were put in homework club. They thought homework club would be just a place to get help, but they were wrong. Secrets were unleashed, drama’s happened and they wanted answers. After all they have been through they went to the place where it all started. The homework club.

A Paris Photographer

“Photography was my life. I always loved catching those little moments in a camera so when you looked at that photo again it would be like the moment stayed with you forever.”-A Paris Photographer. Emma Grayson was just a normal girl in high school, but what would happen if her class gets to go Paris? What happens if Emma gets a special photography offer and has a choice to leave? Read to find out Emma’s amazing journey in Paris

-The Funny Drawers


The Funny Drawers voice mail. Please talk after the beep ✨beep✨... Credit goes to fantage chocolate magic

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