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Hey guys.Now I know that books and movies always have sayings so I decided that blogs can have some too. My best friend and I created these sayings so all credits go to us. If you want to copy these sayings be sure to give credits to fun2draw town otherwise it would be called copying. Anyway, I’ve been talking way too much right now so here are sayings below.

Life is better when you eat an cookie.

Life is loud, but without music it is silent

Imagination and courage is power.

Scribbles is not just art. It is a masterpiece.

There is no such thing as girl color and boy color.

Everyone deserves to be a star.

No one is ordinary,but everyone’s unique.

If you have to chose between a cupcake and a friend,chose your friend, because it is sweeter.

Drawing is an adventure that never ends, even when you put the pencil down.

Every color has an emotion from red for anger to green for happiness.

Life is never fair even if you get what you want.

Well those our sayings. What are your blogs? List them in the comments below. Press the like button if you like our sayings. If you want to advertise our blog list one of our sayings. That’s it for today. Thanks for visiting!

-The Funny Drawers😋


The Funny Drawers voice mail. Please talk after the beep ✨beep✨... Credit goes to fantage chocolate magic

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