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Hi guys. This page is for you guys and I just wanted to give you guys some blogging tips so your blog can be amazing. I follow these three rules what I call the rules of blogging.

Rules of blogging:

1.) Always post about what your blog is about.
Rule #1 is very important but you can talk about some other things too like in one of my posts called Perfect Combos and Great Status I talk about how I really wanted to to eat one of my favorite combos so I drew them. You can add something like that in your post besides just talking about one topic.

2.) Always give credits and be friendly.
If someone ever tells you how to do anything or if they work at your blog and they post something you should give them credit like in my comments I say that credit goes to Fantage Chocolate Magic giving the credit she deserves.

Also you should be very open to your visitors. You should ask them questions like what is your flappy bird high score if your post is about flappy bird. You should also contest and discussions so they can interact with you .

3.) Reblogging and adding widgets

On my rainbow loom blog I reblog a lot but I only reblog about rainbow loom. If you reblog make sure it is about your topic not like if I do a blog about cookies I’ll post something about the latest music.

You should also add widgets so people can see some nice things on your blog like if you scroll down all the way down on my blog you can find widgets like all about me or an email follow thing. All widgets are free.

Now here are some tips in blogging


Start off like your talking to a person. It makes the reader feel like they are having a friendly conversation.

2.) Put tags so other readers can see your posts


give the reader something worthy to read. Stay on TaskDon’t give them a story about how you love mine craft!


make sure to tell them to visit your other blogs. Your blogs will be more public then.

5.) show them a little bit of you. How you talk and your favorite color. Simple things like that let them get to know you.

6.) Don’t say bad things about other blogs. People work hard on their blogs so it doesn’t sound nice. You can do a thing like a blog about cookies v.s a blog about pancakes which will show the public that oh this blog has that while the other blog has that making it easier for them to find a blog about their interest. Be nice!

7.)Connect with google so more people can see your blog.

8.) Have a feedback page. Your users should tell you how your blog is and if you could do anything better.

9.) Have some fun. Don’t always be so formal like today we are going to talk about…no. A big no. You can have a internet page with music if you like it. Like I like listening to music while drawing. It makes me feel good. This helps you with tip number 5. They get to know you a bit more.

10.) Create a BlogLovin Account. This way, more people can see your blog. In our sidebars we have bloglovin things like follow us on bloglovin. By adding these things it makes you look a little professional. If you want to see the bloglovin website here is the link below.


Our user name is thefunnydrawers in case you want to follow us.


I have one more tip which should be on every blog. Always have copyrights. There is this thing you can do with google that connects you blog so other people can see it. You will need an email address for this. You can write your website name and if anyone ever tries to copy a post or the whole website google will notify you. Here is the link where I found this. You have to scroll down to find it.

11.) Add ratings. You can do this by going on your dashboard, pressing the feedback button in the column. When your press that you will see the word rating, press that. Then you can change the settings in your ratings. By adding ratings you can see what people think of your posts.

Those are my rules and tips in blogging. What are yours? Write them in the comments below and be sure to use those in your posts. Thanks for visiting and hopefully these rules and tips will help!

-The Funny Drawers😋



The Funny Drawers voice mail. Please talk after the beep ✨beep✨... Credit goes to fantage chocolate magic

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