©How to add a Map to your sidebar©

Hi guys. Today i’m going to teach you how to add a map on your sidebar. I have one on mine and now you can have one too. 

I used ClustrMaps. 


Step 1.) Go onto http://www.clustrmaps.com

Step 2.) Fill out the information such as your email and your website. When you are done press create my map. 

Step 3.) You will get an email with an account confirmation link and a password to your account. Confirm your account. 


Step 4.) Go back to your email and you will find a link that looks like this 

http://clustrmaps.com/admin/action.php. It should have the words (to log in in) in the front.  Log in. Remember the password to your account is in your email. 


Step 5.) Now that you log in it should look like this.


Don’t change any of the settings. To work on your WordPress blog you do not need to change anything. Now you copy all the code. 

(Tip. Make sure to be logged in your WordPress Account Before.) 


Step 6.) Log in to your WordPress account if you haven’t already and go on your dashboard. Go to Appearance and click widget. Add the Text widget. Picture from WikiHow.

 Insert a Text Widget on WordPress Step 4.jpg

Step 7.) Paste the code and save. 


That’s all to it. If my explanation didn’t make sense to you go onto this website where I learned how to do it. 



Hopefully now you know how to add a map to your sidebar. Enjoy!


-The Funny Drawers 



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