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Hey guys. Now I have a lot of widgets on my blog and most of you want to know where I get these adorable widgets. 

Well I am letting the secret out. Here is the link below where I get all my widgets.  




You can also use this to put signs in our sidebar.



If you use any of these please give me credit because you found this link on my blog. Using these widgets are very simple. Picture credit goes to WikiHow. 


Step 1.) Go onto your dashboard. Insert a Text Widget on WordPress Step 2.jpg


Step 2.) Go to appearance. 

Step 3.) If you put your mouse on appearance you find this column. On that column you will find the words Widgets. Press that. 

Step 4.) Now that your are in the widgets area, scroll down and add the text widget.Insert a Text Widget on WordPress Step 4.jpg


Step 5.) Then copy the code under the widget you want from that website and paste it in the text widget. Insert a Text Widget on WordPress Step 5.jpg

Step 6.) Press save and enjoy your cute widget!Insert a Text Widget on WordPress Step 6.jpg


Have any other websites that give you free widgets? Write them in the comments below, but first take this sort survey below.




-The Funny Drawers  




The Funny Drawers voice mail. Please talk after the beep ✨beep✨... Credit goes to fantage chocolate magic

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