My favourite Disney pet!



Hey everyone! Now who over here is a Disney fan because I am! I love Disney movies! They are usually the PG movies I watch happily. So I had been requesting Mei Yu to draw toothless from how to train your dragon and she listened to us commenters! Learn how to draw Toothless from how to train our dragon by watching the video above this text. Comment what you thought of this video and what new fun2draw tutorial would you like to see. Enjoy!

-The Funny Drawers

School Princesses

Hey guys! So today I got out of school and am going to go see the first showing of the fault in our stars! I am way too excited! Anyway, since it us Thursday Mei Yu has a new tutorial and this new one teaches you how to draw a fun2draw version of rapunzel from tangled! To view that video it is at the top and bottom of this post. I just want to let you all know that I will hopefully do a lot of editing on the blogs! I haven’t had a chance to update yet. Sorry for my Imperfect Lives followers! I haven’t posted in a while. I can only post throat computer for that blog since I have. To type a lot. That’s it for today. Thanks for visiting!

-The Funny Drawers

Frozen the movie❄️❄️❄️

Hey guys. How many of you have watched frozen? Probably a lot. Anyway, I was scrolling down the Disney movie page on watch32 and thought about frozen. If you loved frozen the amazing fun2draw creator Mei Yu has created. Four videos with characters from frozen like Olaf, Elsa, Anna and our carrot loving reindeer Sven. If you want to learn how to draw those characters I will put the link down below. In your comments below tell me how yours came out and if you liked frozen the movie. Pretty please press the like button if you like these tutorials and want me to post more or you just love frozen. We will be posting more and be sure to vote for your favorite logo. Until then, keep drawing!

-The Funny Drawers😋