My favourite Disney pet!


School Princesses

Hey guys! So today I got out of school and am going to go see the first showing of the fault in our stars! I am way too excited! Anyway, since it us Thursday Mei Yu has a new tutorial and this new one teaches you how to draw a fun2draw version of rapunzel from tangled! To view that video it is at the top and bottom of this post. I just want to let you all know that I will hopefully do a lot of editing on the blogs! I haven’t had a chance to update yet. Sorry for my Imperfect Lives followers! I haven’t posted in a while. I can only post throat computer for that blog since I have. To type a lot. That’s it for today. Thanks for visiting!

-The Funny Drawers

A New Frozen Page!

Hey guys! I just added another playlist called Fun2draw Frozen Playlist!

Since a lot of people love Frozen I decided to put all the fun2draw drawings that Mei Yu made of the characters in Frozen into a playlist. 

Disclaimer I do not own these videos. Mei Yu does and I do not take credit over them.

Anyway, here is the link below if you want to check out that page!  P.S I made something a little special for all of you viewers. It will be in my sidebar for you to print out!


-The Funny Drawers 

Divergent Friday🍻

Hey guys. I’m back from seeing Divergent. I have got to say it was great. If you liked the hunger games be sure to watch that movie. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a happy Friday. Hopefully your Friday was as great as mine. Thanks for visiting!

-The Funny Drawers