Mother’s Day💗💗💗

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while and haven’t updated the blog. I haven’t been able to get on the computer lately.

Anyway, Mother’s Day is coming up so I decided to do something really special. I recently bought collection 2 on fun2draw app level 2 and I want to give you guys a drawing tutorial from their. Just follow the pictures below and draw this cute koala which is perfect to give to your mom on Mother’s Day. Enjoy!












-The Funny Drawers

Images taken by my phone!


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Googles Picture to celebrate Mother’s Day!




Fun2draw Thursday Birthday!❤️

Hey guys and happy Thursday! Since it is Thursday ht means Mei Uu has a new tutorial for you to learn how to draw. If you want to check out this cute tutorial here is it below. Enjoy!

Also, I am really sorry that I haven’t been updating the points page. I have been really busy lately and hopefully I will update them by tomorrow.

Fact of the day: Today is Katniss Everdeen’s Birthday!!!!

-The Funny Drawers

New Page!

Hey guys. This is a pretty quick post, but we have got a new page called Stars Point Bank!

That is right everyone. Now you can earn points on Fun2draw Stars. Click here to view it. Enjoy!

Just to let you know you can start earning points after this post.


-The Funny Drawers


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