4th of July Popsicle

Hey guys! I haven’t done a post that I sat down and actually wrote it on a while. We’ll I’m back and have some news. I will not be working on this blog for a while now….we’ll I’ll post the videos, but won’t have any text on the
post or any new updates because I am working on a new blog.

Now if you didn’t know already I had a blog called Imperfect Lives and lots of people tell me that you copied Imperfect Thoughts’ blog. I have been really done with all the people telling me that I am deleting that blog and creating a new one called A Wattpadder’s Diary. It’s like a random blog with Wattpad stuff, tutorials, videos and all that. I hope you all understand my situation.

Anyway, have a nice 4th of July!

-The Funny Drawers


Covers for my story!

Hey guys! I just wanted to share some amazing covers that some Wattpadders and I made for my story. Comment below what cover you like best. Enjoy!






Summer readings!

Hey guys. So since summer is coming up I decided to do a little tutorial showing you how to download books for free. Enjoy! Post dedicated to my grd’s owner.

Images belong to me!!!!

First download Ibooks.


While that’s downloading go onto google and type in Tuebl. Press the first one that pops up.


Now you get to the website. In the right corner there will be a little square press that.


Type in the book you want to download.


Press enter after typing in the book tittle. You can also type in the authors name.


Now you will see this page. Press the tittle of the book you want to download.


A page will open up. Press the tab that says download options.


Press download ePub.


This will pop up. Just wait for about a minute. If you book doesn’t start downloading press the word here.


If you book does start downloading this will pop up. Press open in Ibooks.



-The funny drawers


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💙Status, adventure time and reading💙


Hey guys. Now today I want to talk about our status and it’s great. Everyday more and more viewers everyday! So I wanted to thank you guys for telling your friends and viewing our blog.

Second of all, since a new fun2draw video came out yesterday here is the. Idea below. Sorry I didn’t post. My cousin came over and we kept going to the mall!

Finally, most of you might now that I have a Wattpad account. If you don’t know what wattpad is, it is a app and a website that people can use to read stories and write stories. So if you have a little time in your day, can you please read my story The Stars in my Thoughts. It has nothing to do with The Fault in our Stars just to let you know. You can press here to view it. If you would like to read the summary first here is it below to view. That’s it for today. Thanks for visiting!

Chrissy Grayson was the mad girl who believed in magic and all fiction things. Everyone thought she was crazy and tried to tell her that these things didn’t exist, but she didn’t listen. No one knew who the real Chrissy was until all the things she said starting coming true. Wizards and pixie dust now started existing in this world that we live in now. Sure Chrissy was happy that no one thought she was mad, but her adventure still awaited. How did all these things happen? How did her thoughts become a reality? Read to find out Chrissy’s amazing journey with some stars in her thoughts.

-The Funny Drawers


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