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Hi guys! Welcome to The Colorful Side.

I don’t usually use color in my post, but I decided to put some color on at least one page!

Anyway, lets begin the tour. We will start with the free fun2draw drawings from the apps.  Right here is a college of the level three fun2draw mermaid. (Collection 1.) 


Displaying photo.JPG

Right over here is another college of a fun2draw level 2 bear with a star. (Collection 2) 

Displaying Image.jpg

Now let’s go to the collages I made of the drawings Mei Yu did. 


This is the Winter Wall featuring a Frozen Collage and an Ice skating one. 

Displaying photo.JPG

Displaying Image.jpg


Over here is the sweet wall. 

Displaying Image.jpg


 On this side is the holiday wall which has two collages of the holidays Easter and Saint Patrick’s day. 

Displaying Image.jpg

Displaying Image.jpg


Now we are almost done with the intro of the tour, but first look at the celebrity wall. 

Displaying Image.jpg

Over here is the Zoo and Sea Animals wall. Here are the collages below.

Displaying Image.jpg

Displaying Image.jpg

These are the last three collages of the tour. Don’t worry. We will be adding more very soon!

Displaying Image.jpg

Displaying Image.jpg

Displaying Image.jpg
New to the colorful side: Real to Fun2draw!




I will be adding more pictures very soon. The tour is almost ending, but we will adding more drawings of the fun2draw by the funny drawers very soon.


Hey guys!

Sorry there isn’t that many pictures. I just started this page. Press the like button if you like my drawings so far and please remember this page is copyrighted!


-The Funny Drawers 







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